gradient: 3% ACN/min



Column: 25cmLx25umID packed with 3um C18 particles. Average peak width at 2σ: 2 s


Sample: Five proteins tryptic digest, 1 fmol/uL
Injection: 0-5 min, 10 min @ 3uL/min on a 20mmLx50 umID 5um C18 trap
NanoSeparations is a young, dynamic and innovative company focussing primarily on nano-scale liquid chromatography (nLC) for proteome analysis and related areas. Our primary goal is establishing refinements in LCMS technologies for sensitive, selective and comprehensive complex peptide sample analysis.
In 2003, NanoSeparations introduced for the first time a truly 25 umID nanoflow column together with an unique, low cost column switching system that fully preserves the chromatographic integrity, speed and inherent gain in sensitivity. This system converts any conventional LCMS instrument into a high performance nano-scale system.
Also in 2004, NanoSeparations introduced the extended length column up to 100cm length and true 2D separation systems including a versatile, selective on-line system for enrichment of phosphopeptides at the sub femtomole level.
Nanoseparations produces highest quality nanoflow columns packed with 5, 3 or 1.8 um particles in column formats of   200 to 25 um ID and various column lengths up to 1 meter